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interest – visit-fratta

Points of interest

Those who discover the Polesine territory remain enchanted by its nature and the historical and cultural richness of this land that is close between the two major Italian rivers. The whole territory is scarcely man-made and crossed by a dense network of canals that makes it unique and particularly suitable for slow tourist in search of new exciting discoveries.

Bicycle route Adige Po crosses the territory from north to south joining the two most important Italian rivers (www.ciclabileadigepo.it).

Here are some points of interest:

Lendinara (www.comune.lendinara.ro.it)
City rich in religious architecture. It is called the Athens of the Polesine for the artistic treasures it contains.

Villanova (www.comune.villanovadelghebbo.ro.it)
Church of San Michele Arcangelo

San Bellino (www.comune.sanbellino.ro.it)
San Bellino Church and Tomanin artistic glassworks

Pincara (www.comune.pincara.ro.it)

Church of St. John the Baptist and the Museum of the ancient Mantovani distilleries

Villamarzana (www.comune.villamarzana.ro.it)
Museum of the 43 martyrs of Villamarzana and the Church of San Bartolomeo in the Gognano area

Frassinelle (www.comune.frassinelle-polesine.ro.it)
Fallen cemetery in 1951 at the Church of San Lorenzo

Arquà Polesine (www.comune.arqua.ro.it)
Estense medieval castle

Polesella (www.comune.polesella.ro.it)
Villa Morosini and Borgo of San Maura