How many coats of clear on a show car

Sand the entire hull with 1,000-grit sandpaper or fine steel wool to bring the surface to a dull luster. the car is baked and a clear-coat is applied and the car is baked again. Automotive clear coat paint is formulated to deliver the ultimate shine and miles-deep appearance you expect from a custom-painted, show-quality finish. To keep your . VWVortex. The main problem is that you are not matching the OEM clear coat coefficient of reflection. The trick is to spray your final gloss coat (color or clear) quickly and fairly heavily, so that it all stays wet from start to finish. Automobile manufacturers have been clear-coating since the 1950s, but modern clear coats are harder and thinner than the original lacquer finishes. The quality of a . Stage 7 - Cutting and polishing Koenigsegg Jesko Show Car Has No Less Than 34 (!) Layers Of Paint. 5 to 5 mil. CAR RESTORATION HOW TO Buffing out clear coat to a show finish! The buffing alone only took about 30 hours after all the sanding was done, but the total sanding and buffing process went well over 100 hours. The procedure for applying the paint coats is very similar to applying the prime coats. If you have the skills or time to do some or all of this work yourself, you could possibly save yourself a small fortune. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, etc. Candy Coat Paint FAQ. No matter how many coats you lay down the bare white plastic edges will show around If you are happy with the depth of color and plan to apply a clear coat you  Seeing a vehicle today with peeling clear coat is not too uncommon or some and in that time period, you could apply many coats of clear lacquer over the  31 Mar 2019 Car clear coat is a transparent layer protecting the paint coat. Let everything cure for an additional 24 hours before handling and putting back in the car. Show more (3)   14 Nov 2013 Flow Coating – Make Your Show Cars Stand Out. But for an incredible Show Car finish even on a daily driver. cant beat that with a stick. The 530 is a multipanel clear and the 550 is for larger jobs and overalls. . Especially sleek acrylic storage bins. 10. *No pictures of sanded color* The final step was to spray the hood with clear coat, and after doing a little bit of research, my options for clear coat were This clear coat not only leaves your car looking shiny and new, it keeps your car safe from the elements. I only use clear on pearl or metallic's. We are going to use Acrylic Lacquer with a clear coat over the top. really the only time you'd need to sand between color coats is if there's major crud in the paint. The New Standocryl VOC Performance Pro Clearcoat K9590 is suitable for all car repairs from minor paint damage to a full vehicle refinish. Is there now water based clears? John I've been using the original turtle Wax super hard shell wax since 1992. at least that is what I have done on the last 30 cars. Intercoat Clear Details This product is specially designed as a protective immediate clearcoat for artwork tapeouts on Shimrin Base Coats to help prevent tape from marking or disorienting the metallic and splitting when topcoated. vials of auto touch-up paint and clear coat for Once again, apply several thin coats, rather than a blob of touch up paint. While it’s more expensive than many other standard automotive clear coats on the market, it does offer more content than most. The clear coat protects your paint job and provides the desired level of gloss to your car. I was under the impression that with water based paint systems, the clear coat was still solvent based. Respraying your car - some common sense tips, a step by step guide and hints from TorqueCars. We followed a Mustang fastback to Townsend Auto Body in Waupaca, Wis. As for sanding between coats, again, follow the manufacturers instructions. Do not recoat between one and eight hours after previous coat. Be sure not to go through to the decal. The first coat of KBC11 just looks like you sprayed more back paint. How many of your customers complain about swirls, scratches and water spots? There are other appearance advantages of clear coats. a kit. If you want to clear coat, wet sand the last too. Painters may opt to apply multiple coats of paint, but once the final coat is applied, the paint shines the way you’d expect a finished car to. Be sure to allow the solvents in the paint to "flash-off" between coats to prevent drying problems. It’s a smart way to make your paintwork look new and shiny. What’s more important right now is recognizing that the foes to your car’s paint, with or without a clear coat finish, still haven’t changed — and they’re pretty formidable. If you're planning to paint a brand new wall, a single layer is all that will be needed. 5-10 minutes between coats is recomended based on temperature. So, if you're going to invest the money in automotive paint and your time in applying it, it may be a better choice in the long run to go with a base coat, or clear coat paint job. 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film sprays on anywhere on the car's paint and dries to a clear, durable film for virtually invisible protection. Mfg suggest spraying lighter coats, which means I will need three coats to get to the 3. Our clear coat is as equally important as correctly color matching the base coat. Instead of rustoleum I would use Krylon laquer and lay down 4 or 5 thin coats - wetsanding the first few. #7 is safe to use on all paints and clear coats. Tips & Tricks to Painting a Show Car finish yourself at home and get a glass flat wet How to Paint a Show Car tips and advice you may be able to offer me as there's many ways to get fantastic results. Enamel, Lacquer, Urethane. also when do you flat back the colour and polish? same day, next day or wait weeks like the old cellulose paints? Meguiar’s A3714 Compound Water Spot Remover– 16 oz. Step 12 = Clear Coat (3 to 4 coats) We show you how to touch up car paint, how to prep a car for paint, and all the 25cm away from the surface to be painted, apply a number of coats of primer at  Clear coat paints, when exposed to too much sun over time and without remove swirls, scratches and water spots out of automotive clear coats a show car shine to a classic car with a single stage paint to be easier, more  25 Jan 2018 So you've just spent a heaping pile of money to get your car a proper is good but there's too much of an orange peel look on the clear coat,  What is the best automotive paint to use, acrylic car paint or urethane paint–both and neither acrylic nor urethane paint offers that option, many car restorers argue a base-coat urethane with a clear coat, however some clear coats tint the color, Recent industry developments show that the use of a water-based paint,  You will see a “wet-looking” crystal-clear, ultra deep gloss. The process begins with the normal application of a base coat clear coat finish where a base coat is applied then the clear coat is applied shortly thereafter. After it dries, sand lightly. Clear can make it look like a toy at times. This video tutorial is going to demonstrate how to prep, mix, and spray a single stage matte black. Step-5: Apply Guide Coat After a second coat of primer/sealer, 3M Dry Guide Coat is applied to the entire exterior surface of the Corvette. Its a great car (not a show car)but the clear coat had started to peel. I also included a video discussing Matte Clear Coats. Friends that are car enthusiasts have told you that standard paint jobs are inferior and that you should pay extra for a premium paint job. Ec530 and the ec550. Step 1: Test and Prep Paint Surface I priced my camaro at the local paint supply. Polish with cutting compound. Now it's time to apply the paint to your primed part. In older car models where you want to duplicate the original paint job, clear coats should be avoided. {0} items found you can get to much clear on a car. If you put a catalyzed clear over uncured color it will frequently wrinkle. In some areas, its paint is more Applying a clear coat to your car is a smart way to preserve it, but sometimes this can go wrong, leaving it with the notorious “orange peel” effect, which requires a wet sand to remove. Start spraying lightly and repeatedly so that paint is properly built up slowly and slowly. For a true show car look I haven't had any experience with the Simonize Glasscoat, but I have seen something similar called CQuartz. Once the base color coat is sufficiently flashed dry, the clear follows. This wiki has been updated 5 times since it was first published in March of 2018. Clear coat is simply a semi flexible product that causes the paint to shine and protects it from the elements for many years to come. 8. This process is called flow coating and has been used successfully for many decades by some of the top custom Then we apply 3-4 coats of clear to the vehicle following  Much of the number of clear coats you apply also depends on the type of material you are using i. It applies easily, is inexpensive and it provides the best protection of anything I have ever used!" -Lisa L. The problem with this stuff is that its thick as syrup right from the get go once the hardener is added (compared to basecoat/clear coat paint). Figure about $1500 in materials to paint a full size car if you want a quality job. If painting a smaller car like a Miata or a MINI, I would say 2. You are better of applying a few extra coats of top gloss coat and polish this out. The clear coat is necessary in this case as the colour is a metallic silver and the clear is required when painting with metallics. It can even turn into a lengthy task because of the multiplicity of websites offering this type of product. Complete car clearcoats. 2 quarts will not get you 3 or 4 coats on any size pickup, besides 2 coats is enough as long as it is a good quality clear coat. Clear coat showed up in the 1980’s. For metallic or silver finishes, Streetwerkz will add 50% for a top coat. 3-4 coats to finish your paint, 500 it, and put another 2-3 "flow coats" or overreduced clear over that for a mirror finish (tho I've never achieved that, I still need to sand and buff!) Hi, im new to this forum and im going to be redoing my rims. To achieve both a wet look and durability I am thinking of going down this route: wash, clay, polish/jewel with Menzerna and flex 3401, CG EZ glaze for wetness, then FK1000p for When this sanding is complete, the car is returned to the paint booth to receive a final coat of primer/sealer. Again you'll be spraying 3 coats and you'll want to begin by spraying the least noticeable surfaces first. Mostly from water that dries on them in the summer. Wait at least 5-8 hours Roll on another coat. Good luck! Do You Have to Scuff the Base Coat Before Painting the Clear Coat Base coat and clear coat is a painting system used on cars after 1997. Can be used on any paint type: clear coat, lacquers, ceramic clears, etc. Our team of experts narrowed down the best automotive clear coats on the market. If using Base/Clear apply 3 coats of Base followed by 4 coats of Clear. Method of application will affect how many coats are necessary. Clear coat is that all-important barrier which protects your car's paint from the cruel world around it. im new to paint game but have produce some good jobs from time to time my only gripe is my clear coat i spend ages on my prep work getting it spot on priming rubbing down and so on. Its a two part paint system and it is standard on all cars these days, and has been for the last 30 years or so. They cover like a blanket. Humidity & Temperature If there is too much water vapor in the air (humidity) or the room is warmer than average, it will take considerably longer for your paint to dry. Most cars from the factory have 2 clear coats at bestthis along with cheaper materials equal not holding up over time, especially if exposed to abnormal conditions. Then I discovered a trick for a custom effect I will share with you as well. Plus the clear coat on most cars is not thick enough for more sanding. Clear coat time. Manufacturers designed the clear coat to be tough on dirt, debris, UV light, and whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at it. If extensive sanding and polishing is desired, it's usually best to apply 3 coats, block sand the clear, and apply 3 more. "Flash-off" is the evaporating of the solvents in the paint. To achieve both a wet look and durability I am thinking of going down this route: wash, clay, polish/jewel with Menzerna and flex 3401, CG EZ glaze for wetness, then FK1000p for Do the wheels on your car show whitish discoloration or small streaks, this is not unusual. Question Clear coat -- sand paint before? Slope. The “spray can” should be kept away about 1 to 1. If the dealer was trying to charge extra for the clear coat, he was trying to rip you off. Of course, the bigger the car, truck or van is, the more paint you will need. He took it to some big show. The guys are just making sure you got the message that you sprayed too many coats, especially if that "base" was actually SS metallic. The intercoat clear will also protect the base coat before you clear. Repeat this step as many times as you want,(I did this 7 times, you need at minimum 5 coats to get full coverage) Wet sand with 800 grit Sandpaper if texture of paint appears to resemble the Skin of an Orange. AC 9082 Show Car "Wet Wet Clear" Coat 2 Gallon Kit for Auto Trucks Plane Boat $ 224. Dupli-Color paint can be applied in spray form and can transform your vehicle with just a few coats. This graphic shows the difference between clear coat scratches and color coat scratches. Dupli-Color BSP300 Clear Coat. These colors can be sprayed on or the car can be wrapped with vinyl. The purpose of clear coat primer is to create a surface over a wall that will help the paint to stick. Repeat the painting/primer steps with the lacquer, covering with 1-2 coats. You need to use Spray Max semi-gloss for clear coats. Apply Eastwood HS Clear in two medium wet coats, with a 10-minute flash period be- tween each. Most projects will be ready for normal use in 24 hours. The 530/550 is a nice clear out of the gun and really looks like a factory audi clear to me. . Meguiar’s is a trusted brand and used by many in the automobile field. Dealerships do not sell “clear coats”, if they did they would be required to literally re-paint your entire car with layers of clear paint and then bake it to cure the paint. It seems that one coat should be sufficient – after all, it’s paint, and if you spill some on a wood floor or a table top, it’ll be there until the earth collides with the sun. My Candy Apple Red 34 Ford is a real DEEP candy that sometimes looks like a Candy Brandywine. If your vehicle is of earlier make and model, it is possible that your vehicle does not have a clear top-coat at all, but rather just a very thick base coat. and the coat starts to show 8 No. When properly applied to your car's base coat, clear coat will block harmful UV rays that can cause fading, protect against chips and scratches, and provide a glossier finish than any single-stage auto paint. I try to keep my coats pretty thin for all paints and top coats to create a smoother finish and no drips. 95 #3284 High Gloss High Sparkle Black Cherry Pearl Metallic Single Stage Acrylic Enamel Gallon Paint Kit $ 140. "I have used NuFinish Car Polish for forever. In some areas, its paint is more How many coats depends on what the product is. I would say a  I prefer three coats in my paint jobs. Not the smallest car to paint. Many automated car washes use an acid to clean the wheels and tires to rapidly remove dirt, but attacks the clear coat on many wheels. That sanding on the 3rd coat is unnessary and may break through to the color. How to Paint and Clear Coat your Car How to Paint a Car If you have ever painted a vehicle before, you will have no problem with this project. Spray Several Light Coats Rather One Heavy One - Many inexperienced car painters tend to try to paint a vehicle too quickly. Almost 95 percent of all vehicles manufactured today have a clear coat finish. Leave the car parts somewhere warm and dry for about a week. Another great product to try out is the Car-Show 1 paint sealant. 2 wet coats is plenty for most things that will be lightly buffed or not at all. Apply a third gelcoat and allow it to harden overnight. It's a little subjective though. Be patient. So be sure to take your time and get the job done correctly. The scratches, scrapes and paint degradation quickly build up and the only way to restore a car's appearance is to do a bare metal respray. Within this comprehensive guide, you will find thorough reviews for many clear coats. To avoid the headache of trying to match the paint you want to apply to the existing paint on the car, you’ll need to remove the primer and expose the bare metal. The original candy apple red car paint had no metallic (tiny flakes of silver metal or plastic) or pearl (tiny flakes of plastic or possibly real particles of the reflective surfaces from seashells). 5 to 5 mil dry per mfg recommendation. By using clear coats the manufacturers are able to create more specialized colors. Results 1 - 24 of 207 Gold Label Detailing Scratch Repair Removing Clear Coat Pen 2 Pack for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, RV | Fill in Minor Scratches  1 Sep 2015 There are at least as many ways to color sand and rub out your car as If you don't rub out the paint, imperfect preparation won't show nearly as badly. Obviously I will need to shoot a "fusion" coat on the plastic before primer, paint and clear but if someone could point me towards the amounts of the various material required to achieve my goal it would be much appreciated. Wait 24 hours, wet sand and level the cleared area. Almost all new cars have been clear coated since the early 1990s. Most waxes are perfectly safe for clear coat finishes. After about twenty minutes or so of dry time, the color is ready for the shiny top coat. A search on Imron and paint seems to turn up a wealth of knowledge on prep. As far as singe stage is concerned it should be sprayed in even medium build coats. A Car Talk Community member had a question about the length of time before The major difference between the basecoat/clearcoat and single stage is how the Painters may opt to apply multiple coats of paint, but once the final coat is . This paint protectant was nothing more than a very thin wax that was easily rubbed on and wiped off. Whether you're completing a frame-off restoration of a vintage car or just removing evidence of a shopping cart accident, every paint job needs a good clear coat. Time and time again this high quality product has really proved to be among the best. Primer went on fine, but to my horror, the blue base coat immediately pock-marked, leaving large circles with primer showing through. By Angelo Van Bogart. They are clear coated over polish aluminum from what ive read, but the clear is peeling badly and even oxidating and they just look bad overall. For many paints you need to finish with a final lacquer coat. my base coat goes on well and at this stage of the job im happy. again to find out. Best Answer: 2-3 coats of basecoat should be suficient for coverage. Spraying clear over base after more than 24 hours is not preferred. Contrary to popular belief, car waxing is required To achieve optimum results when applying base coats and clear coats, it should be carried out in a warm, environment, a temperature of at the very least 22 degrees C, with plenty of ventilation and sheltered from the elements. Nano Technology to Repair Car Scratches and Car Surface Polishing Jon Kosmoski, of House of Kolor, recommends using 500 on overalls, to get a smoother clearcoat finish over custom paint jobs. Causes of Car Paint Peeling There are normally three layers of coatings on a modern automobile: primer, paint, and the clear coat. http://www. Seal and protect with one or two coats of Klasse Sealant Glaze. The three extra coats help produce a much deeper shine and the six coats of clear are so thick that you have to work pretty hard to burn through, even with the DA sander and 800 grit. I use a CV and require 3. Well, no, that’s not true… just when it comes to home decor. Now back in the 50’s and 60’s, cars were painted with lacquer paints and in that time period, you could apply many coats of clear lacquer over the existing paint job to give it a really deep glossy look. When you find the panel that matches, you’ll know how many coats of pearl to apply for the proper Many shops are not equipped to allow such drying time, but Kopecky has developed his business to accommodate such a schedule. and a can of paint while the other involves a litany of products, clear coats, primers, and sprayers. A thin coat can be removed in the polishing process and if colour shows up it can be slightly different in shine at this spot. I'm almost thinking about doing many mist coats with the clear, would that turn out better? I figured that the clear would be about the same as the paint with laying down coats, I was wrong, its always too thick and runs. Cleaner / Wax is definitely safe on clear coats. The clear coats applied to the plastic components like the bumpers and wing mirrors however are 2K systems since they can normally only accept temperatures up to about 90 deg C. In my experience no. Cars really didn’t start seeing cleat coats till around the 80’s. A hazy finish means the paint has flashed-off. Simply stated, USC01 Kosmic Urethane Show Klear is  The paint gauge shows a below average micron reading of 98. Ideally leave at least 1 hour between coats of paint. The CQuartz I mention is a nano coating in that it binds with the clear coat and/or paint to fill in the micro pits and thus giving an even coat. Then remove all the sanding dust and apply a second coat. Whether you’re ready to show or just show off, Meguiar’s #7 Show Car Glaze is equipped to deliver the ultimate high-sheen finish. Q: Can I apply wax over the clear coat paint? A: Absolutely. My grandfather has since the 1950's. A fantastic way of changing the appearance of your car is to respray it. Abrasive rubbing and polishing compounds can damage clear coats, as can over polishing them Proper application of clear coat is important to your final vehicle finish. I laid a few coats down in the driveway, but there you are exposed to all sorts of dust, leaves, dirt, etc. e. You can buy Zaino on this website or call to order on THE TOLL FREE NUMBER 888-999-9870, the tech number is still the same 732-833-8800. Two coats of stays clear would suffice, if brushing, possibly even one depending on how thickly it goes on during your coat. Again take extra care to get good coverage on the edges. Whereas other liquid waxes will require frequent reapplications, the 845 can be applied every 4 to 5 months. If you can’t avoid clear coat scratches, you should at least remove these on your own. The most common cause is your local car wash. Second coat should be applied when the car surface gets dry. This is the stuff that makes your car shine and is used during the second stage of painting. a kit to over $300. This needs to be perfectly smooth before clear, even if it appears dull. This is especially true if you’re a dog lover, or if you take camping trips that go through rough roads. Usually composed of a two-part urethane system I do the same with the clear and it doesn't. I was watching a car show on TV and they had a PPG rep talking about the merits of water born paints. If you're wondering how to get that high-gloss paint job look on your street rod, this article will show you exactly what you need to do in order to attain that ultimate show car finish! Check out however if you were to come back with a second non cleaner wax you can do as many coats as you like becase the non abrasive non cleaner wax is formulated for the show car thing and more coats sometimes will hide the orange peel. Before you go and sand the whole car, do a test on a small area; a lower corner in the rear bumper is a great place to do your test. Mixing your clear coat needs to be done in the correct proportions; incorrect proportions will cause your clear coat to thicken before you are done using it. 28 Apr 2011 Many people fall victim to thinking their paint is in pristine condition simply Typically – and it varies by manufacturer – clear coats are 1. It will depend on what you are happy with. Application of the clear coat over solid colours is optional, but is a must in metallics or pearls. Just read the instructions first and take your time. Many car owners today are very perceptive about the paint finish on their car and much more demanding of the work that is done to the paint whether detailing or body and paint repair. First of all, like so many others, I admire your work and knowledge and by the way you respond to every question you show what professionalism and courtesy means. A base coat of clear-coat finish can get rather expensive, which is the reason why many tractor restorers use two  27 Jan 2012 Clear coat car paint is paint or resin with no pigments and hence use water base color coats and these require a clear coat for protection. I recommend purchasing the Zaino Bros' Total Protection Show Car Kit. For ‘How To Re-Paint A Car’ Parts Two and on we are going to re spray a VN Commodore that has been sitting around for a while. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly. How To Wax Your Car to Perfection - ABOUT CAR WAX AND CAR SEALANTS It was European coach builders that first applied coatings of animal fats and wax to protect the custom paint on their horse-drawn carriages. I was told over 20??? This Black `34 looked 2ft deep. This guide will take you through the steps required to get a professional looking and long-lasting finish using cheap(ish) rattle cans. Koenigsegg Jesko Show Car Has No Less Than 34 (!) Layers Of Paint. On top of the dried primer coat, Kopecky sprays two coats of PPG Concept acrylic urethane for the color and two coats of PPG Concept high solids polyurethane clear with one coat of a 50/50 mix of these two products between. For a show-stopping shine that helps your tractor stand out in a crowd, there’s nothing like a base coat of clear-coat finish. Many expensive cars like Bentleys, Lamborghinis, etc. To paint a hod rod or custom car today requires less material. in the fill-and- balck sand cycle depending on how much 'show quality' you want. I dropped my car off at the shop and in 3 weeks it should have a . especially if you are just 'practicing' or like me, anticipate screwing up a bit along the way. It is a simple step-by-step process. To keep your new clear coat looking fresh, make sure to gently wash and wax it on a regular basis. How to Do a Good Base Coat Clear Coat Paint Job. You'll want the clear on top too, because when the color dries it it's as flat as asphalt. Clearcoats Kosmic Urethane Show Klear. With a single stage paint, both the color and the shine are shot out of the same gun, at the same time. He said the water based clear coat will spray out almost white and will need air movement to dry. Spray the car with thin, wet coats of clear coat paint and let them dry between layers. Almost every car care manufacturer has introduced or will be Many people prefer alkyds or oil varnishes so you will need to decide what works best for your particular situation. Without a paint gauge informing you of how much clear coat you are removing, you are walking a tightrope. There are many advantages of clear coats. If the decals are thick that means the paint has to be too, five or six coats. Now your new car can have a mirror finish also. Around the 1980s, car manufacturers started using an additional layer of clear paint coat, sealing in the colored lacquer making it nice and shiny and also providing a little extra protection from potential damage from UV light, ozone, exhaust, car wash detergents, rocks, insect splatter and bird poop. The result is a cloudy, whitish or dull appearance. If your dealer is trying to sell you a "clear coat" it is likely s/he is either confused, or is trying to make some easy money. after the clear is cured, (thirty days at least) wetsand with 800, 1200, and 1500 or 2000, then polish. When the first layer is dry you can then apply the second thick coat with the air brush machine. Using House of Kolor paints, It is started with 3 coats of BC25 (Black Base Coat) paint. Then, let it dry for at least a day, then sand it TOTALLY flat with 500 or 600 grit paper. Polish with Carnuaba based Wax once primered, how many coats of 2k colour is the norm? its a whole car not just a panel? i expect it will be machine polished once theyre finished, want to ensure enoughs gone on to allow flatting back and polishing. There is a mill gage you can measure the thickness and there are specs from the mfg of how thick it should be. (Pic 1) Next, remove anything from the car that you can, this will help avoid the possibility of getting paint on things you don't want it on. There are several manufacturers who produce this product. In fact , I see no reason to put clear coats over them, though people do. Decant Tamiya TS color into your airbrush and spray 2 mist and 2 wet coats. It removes fine swirls and oxidation, add gloss and protection in one step ! What is the conditon of the car you are working on ? What are your goals ? The rich emollients and nourishing oils in #7 Show Car Glaze produce a very deep, heavy mirror-gloss shine. This clear film defends against a range of elements, including love bugs and other airborne insects; gravel, sand and grit in warm-weather climates; winter salt and road grime in cold-weather conditions; and paint chip-causing road debris anywhere. 5 to 2  28 Aug 2015 Many manufacturers color match to your vehicle's paint code. Scored 97 pts. Re: How many coats of paint and clear for base coat clear coat I do the same as steve except I only sand the final coat and start with 1000 and go to 2000. If this is your first paint job, just makes sure your read all of the instructions on your varnishes and take your time; you will do just fine. It is also intended to protect the car’s paint form nature, such as ultraviolet light (UV), tree sap, dirt, rain, ozone, bird poop and oxidation. How Many Coats of Paint Will I Need? That question gets asked quite often by homeowners engaging in home painting projects . How about actual application? The paint shop people say Imron, while a very durable paint, is hard to apply and have it look good. Clearcoat Products. He adds the base coat clearcoat offerings, which are part of the premium and platinum packages the company offers, start at about $1,200. Whether you are completely changing the color of your car, or just applying some touch ups to a faded or damaged area, proper use of Dupli-Color products can be key in getting a good result. I totally agree with clear coats are not really needed. How many coats should I put on? DYC always suggests a minimum of 6 coats, but as everyone sprays coats differently, the most important factor is the total amount of product used. This will help you to avoid bumps and blotches. Would appreciate any advice on this matter. paint a truck black, because black shows every single imperfection. 2. if you put to much on it i have seen it fog up (get cloudy) like a haze over. 2. Two layers combined will generally measure about 50 microns. It works to restore a dazzling, deep, wet shine, and does not dry white. This clear coat is perfect for people who need something to keep in their garage and use for lots of different things, not just automotive This is especially important in the case of clear coated paints because the clear coat is what actually provides the UV protection for the paint underneath. If you put lacquer over enamel the clear will lift (wrinkle). I have gotten away with 2+2 with careful sanding and buffing, the reason being is that extra coats increase the chance of adding urethane wave. It’s simply a layer of clear resin that is applied over colored resin. Was he p-o`d about that!!! It is dependent on the depth of shine you are looking for, the more coats the better the finish will be and clear coat better protects paint from fading and oxidation. Safe and effective on all glossy paint finishes. One last general rule of spray painting: the days of “40 hand-rubbed coats” are long gone, and were bad to begin with. 7. Gives a super hard shell, which is important with how easily newer vehicles scratch with their super-thin paint. I doubt very seriously what they have put on your car will last for years and years. Even the color needs some light wet sanding because it has the zebra stripe effect, too. So im planning on stripping the clear c For show car owners, multiple coats will provide the wettest-looking, deepest, most distortion-free finish you can imagine. i paint and restore cars for side work and i only put 4 coats of clear on any job that i do and that has always been a safe way to go for me. If there’s one thing that’s significantly apparent of the Dupli-Color BSP300 Clear Coat right off the bat, it is its price. With racecars that have lots of decals I use multiple clear coats to level out the surface. Tamiya's clear gloss paint cures at a different rate than the color paints in the line. - Apply 3-4 good coats of clear(allow 24 hours if wet sanding and buffing). Materials Clear can be expensive. The process is simple enough that anyone can do it, and it only takes about 40 minutes. For a true show car look Causes of Car Paint Peeling There are normally three layers of coatings on a modern automobile: primer, paint, and the clear coat. A paint job done by a shop will typically put 3-4 coats of a good quality clear coatthis along with good weather and know how equals a paint job that will last a long time. are hand sanded and polished at the factory. Without it the inner structures will be exposed to a variety of threats. How much paint ? A question for all you painting pro's, I am planning on painting my club car in a 50/50 two color theme. First, the jamb areas were completely finished and cured. Automotive clear needs to cure for 3 months before waxing. This step is only recommended if your paint job is around 12 or more years old, has many small scratches, or looks like it was poorly painted. The picture below shows my newer results. The paint store where you buy your clear coat from will be able to tell you how much area it covers and how much you will need. What ever product you do choose be sure to follow all label, tool and/or equipment instructions prior to spraying clear-coat on doors or other types of wood trim. Online shopping for Clear Coats - Paints & Primers from a great selection at Automotive Store. then for the clear coat i use lechler acrifan 2000 with hardner with a small touch of I had such good results in wet sanding and reapplying a clear coat, that I figured I was up to spray a little primer on and color, then clearcoat. Take into account that a clear or top coat is required over all metallic and silver powder coatings. BY Brad Anderson | Posted on September 24, 2019 September 24, 2019 8. Interior doors or lighter wear vertical surfaces I can usually get by with 2 - 3 coats. If it can withstand these conditions protecting your car should be a cinch. Clear coat over The true beauty and protection of any paint repair is the clear coat by AutomotiveTouchup. You will not  If you plan on sanding after i would put at least 3 good coats of clear to What you want to do usually is have the material (or whole car) as smooth and bump/ dirt free as possible so when you put the primer/paint/clear on nothing will show. LA Auto Show · New York Auto Show · North American International Auto Show. The primer acts as a base layer for the paint, assisting with adhesion, provides a predictable surface for coating, and provides additional protection for the underlying metal. How do you know for certain that you’re making the right choice? In order to choose the best clear coat for cars, you will need to consider a handful of factors, including drying time, longevity, and coverage. What they almost always mean when they sell you a “clear coat” is that they are selling you a paint sealant which will be applied over your clear coat. * Note regarding ZFX and Z-2 PRO™ : For a more dramatic appearance and improved durability, Z-2 PRO™ can be layered multiple times. A sloppy job will show in the outcome. The third coat should have no tack at all after four hours. It’s a true show car wax. Read this review and save yourself time and money. Also, use  20 Jan 2016 For a show-stopping shine that helps your tractor stand out in a crowd, But even though base coats of clear-coat finishes have been widely “It's fairly easy on a flat surface like a car hood. How many times car can be polished before all clear coat dissapear? Like so many other areas of car ownership or car care, car clear coat is yet another Since clear coat on your car paint is just that, clear, I cannot show you an When it comes to automotive paints, and clear-coats in particular, this is also true  Check out our step by step guide on how to paint a car that will lead you through Here's a quick overview (we go into much more detail below) of how to paint a car: use 1 ½ gallons of primer, 4 gallons of topcoat, and 3-4 gallons of clear coat. It was above Dupli-color's Protective Clear Coat Finish. do not wet sand the final clear coat because it is too much work. One remaining slight difference is the ease of matching colors in the event of repair work, with solids being slightly easier to match than metallics or pearls. Most will say 3 coats and never more than 4 at a time. Color matching technology is well established. The number of coats depends upon the quality of paint. It's for protection as much as aesthetics. Only a few ounces are required for a small job. Although most of the time Orange Peel can be cured after the fact is you risk damaging the paint, removing millage of clear that should be protecting the car for years or even having color changes due to clear thickness. If you apply clear of any sort over a color that has been waxed or is covered with silicone oil (in many wind Clear coat. Then 3 coats of KBC11 (Kandy Apple Red Base Coat) paint. that is also with the normal flashtime of 15 min between coats. What was unsaid was that after one trip through a high pressure car wash the paint protectant, assuming that it had not been washed off by rain already, was going down the drain at the car wash. This clear coat is multi-use and can be used in many different applications, not just on your car. coats of clear coat. I reduce my clear so I usually spray 4, but that is problbly equal to another painters 3 coats that is spraying unreduced. Typically, you should apply two or more coats of primer to ensure the bare metal is completely covered. 9. Have a gallon of clear ready for painting when painting a large classic Chevy, truck or van. Note: TRICKS: You can however, apply as many coats as you want of Show Car Polish. The technical data sheets (directions ), Will tell you how many coats and the mil thickness of a singe coat of applied product. Enamel WILL run if you put to many coats on. So let’s do a little history on clears first. The same is true with our car’s clear coat. For quick demonstration of the idea I completed the hood of the car in 7 days from start to finish, including letting the paint cure for the last 2 days in the sun. Clear should be dry to the touch within 10 minutes, and will be tack-free within three hours (at 70 °F). Your car’s clear coat is like the outermost layer of our skin. Good luck! Men’s Trench Coats Discover new styles from Riccardo Tisci’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, and our classic Trench Coat – crafted in England in four distinctive fits. For warmer . This formula is designed for water spot residue on paint, chrome, and glass surfaces, and is safe for clear coats. I use Sikkens, it tells me to apply 2-3 coats of color and 2 coats of clear unless color sanding and buffing hard. While I have been using this You can skip the first 1:00 because you don’t necessarily need that brush). goes through a process in which several coats of primer, paint, and then clear coat are baked onto the car, An average car owner might not dwell on such a problem, but to the show-car crowd, it's a disaster. You will be able to expertly repair car scratches using these simple touch up paint directions. After applying clear coat, it's important to wait and let the paint harden before applying too much pressure. All three of these paint stages can result in paint defects that will effect the overall paint job. It is a synthetic sealant that does not contain any wax. I was saying to myself how the F am I going to get it right the first time around. When using a machine polisher, Sand between coats with fake steel wool by 3M - finest grade you can get. If you are spraying a base coat and clear coat, you will need both components. Also, how long should I wait to clear coat and how many and also how long in between clear coats? Hope that's not too confusing. Usually composed of a two-part urethane system, a modern clear coat not only protects the undercoat from impact damage, it also provides UV protection to prevent color fading. If you go through these forums, you'll find most guys spray 2- 3 coats of base, and 2 -3 coats of clear for a "factory" type job. You have two choices: you can add the clear coat immediately after applying the last wet color coat, or you can apply the clear coat after the color coat has cured and gassed out for at least a month. Apply 2 medium coats with a 5 to 10 minute flash time between coats. Environment of application; Clear coats can be very sensitive to ambient temperature. Paint is too expensive to redo, along with the extra work to re-prepare. Sanding usually isn't necessary if you apply the next coat within a short window of time. Have you recently painted your car? Send me a note on Twitter and let me know how much it cost to paint your car. Wet sand every second or 3rd coat with 400 grit. It’s usually better to apply two thin coats of paint than to cover your project with one thick coat. com or 972-420-1293 Best Answer: 2-3 coats of basecoat should be suficient for coverage. In this video Pro-Spray Technical Trainer and instructor, Bill Warner, reviews the basics of applying Pro-Spray clear They start with 1000-grit to remove the orange peel, then switch to 1200-grit to begin removing the fine scratches. Best Rated in Automotive Clear Coats Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Automotive Clear Coats store. It is intended to seal the car’s paint and to make the paint shiny. On gloss colours, I polish out the final coat, and it looks just like the real thing. 845 Liquid Insulator Wax by Collinite. The settings have now been applied. Dirt flat! We’re talkin' flat here! It depends on the top coat you use for how many coats are required. The Secret To Painting Acrylic, Plastic, & Glass. Contrary to popular belief (and wishes judging by all the people searching for the best car wax for uv protection) waxes do not provide a meaningful amount of UV protection. 5 feet from the surface of painting area. I am currently switching to waterborne. Make sure that the layers are even. I was told to spray only one coat of pearl in the clear and then 2 or 3 coats of just plain clear. Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound. Same concept as abovenice, uniform and LIGHT coats! With the clear, you dont have to wait as long, about half hour or so is good. Many clear coats come in aerosol cans that have nozzles that make it easy for a novice to spray the coat evenly on the surface and achieve a reasonable result. a light sanding between every three coats of clear is generally how most do it i believe, just to knock down any bumps. The major difference between the basecoat/clearcoat and single stage is how the shine gets applied. Other Information: For candy or transparent finishes, an additional 50% will be charged for a base coat. Do not use solvents of any kind to clean up after sanding. It should not be used on satin or matte finishes and should be spot tested before use. In fact Liquid Glass claims that if you put on 25 coats (yes! you can put on that many) it’ll be chip resistant! Just remember the 4 hour curing time in between coats. These great auto painting tips and techniques will show you how to touch-up those The dealer usually sells 1/2-oz. When you viewed the original candy apple red paint, it was simply transparent red paint with no "add ins". Kosmic Urethane Show Klear. First, wash the car and all pieces to be painted real well to remove any loose dirt. I used 1500 grit to smooth it out and get a rough enough surface for the clear coat. Get the latest styles, brands and selection in men's clothing from Men's Wearhouse. car's paint layers, such as ceramic coating, but this is much more  Bare metal cars make up a relatively small subculture of hot rodding. It provides a layer of protection from things like bugs, snow, tar, paint overspray, and salt that can do some serious damage on paint. Show-quality paint from prep to the spray gun. I'm posting it as I go (the step with >;>> in front of it is where I'm currently at), so let me know if you see that I'm fixing to do it wrong! The rich emollients and nourishing oils in #7 Show Car Glaze produce a very deep, heavy mirror-gloss shine. So long as you have a final glass smooth and shiny final coat that is fine. Sometimes, you may be tempted to spray a lot of paint onto a car. 95 Around the 1980s, car manufacturers started using an additional layer of clear paint coat, sealing in the colored lacquer making it nice and shiny and also providing a little extra protection from potential damage from UV light, ozone, exhaust, car wash detergents, rocks, insect splatter and bird poop. The car is finished in a vivid Many restorers cite the durability of urethane paints as their number one advantage and point out that acrylic enamel paints tend to last just five to 10 years on a car with normal use; after so long, the acrylics will fade, crack or peel. Seeing is Believing. While it may not have the durability of our Yellow Wax, Gold Class or NXT Generation Tech Wax 2. That’s because, unlike enamel, which must be buffed and polished to bring out a shine, a base coat of clear-coat finish gets its gloss from the clear coats that go over the paint coats, not from the paint itself. UVA rays and all that stuff. There, you can use junky 1k (that is, slow drying) Duplicolor or whatever for the base coat. Meguiar's® Mirror Glaze® Show Car Glaze is a professional grade pure polish that nourishes the paint for a dazzling wet-look, show car shine and outshines other hand-applied polishes, glazes, waxes and sealants. Whether you’re ready to show or just show off, Meguiars #7 Show Car Glaze is equipped to deliver the ultimate high-sheen finish. 0, it is a great all in one product for the $$$. Allow single stage enamels to air dry at 70 degrees F and it may take up to 8 hours. for more than 2 coats unless you want to pay for a show-quality finish, and like before, you should already know. Each Wheel Kit and Car Kit on DipYourCar. One good way to make a more accurate estimate, before spending money on the paint, is to spray a coat of primer over the whole car and see how much it takes to cover it. ok that makes sense. Shop for car coats and other outerwear. For show cars, there are about as many methods as there are painters. OEM (original equipment manufacture) clear coats applied to the metal bodies of cars are normally 1K systems since they can be heated to around 140 deg C to effect cure. Candy Paint for a Show Car Finish: This instructable is to show how to get a (hopefully!) show car finish with a candy finish. Talk to you painter, tell him you want enough clear on the car so that after it is wet-sanded and buffed out, there is still plenty of clear on the car for any future polishing work. And we’ll come back to clear coats in a moment. Clear coat is a clear polyurethane coat that goes over the color coat. GF rubbed the front corner of her Mustang up against the garage door frame, hard enough to transfer paint to the car. rubber or foam blocks. With this in your arsenal, you can skip polishing and waxing since it does both jobs effectively. Maintain the high gloss with your home-made Klasse Spray Wax (optional). Always choose a high-quality automotive primer that’s developed for use on metal surfaces, and make sure the area you plan to paint is cleaned thoroughly before you start. For tackling anything from swirl marks, oxidation and water spots, the G17216 cuts through the clear coat to provide results immediately. Apply clear coat in thin, light layers, allowing it to dry completely between  14 Jul 2015 So my thought was if I rolled five coats of Rust-Oleum on it, it certainly Gloss Black is pretty much available everywhere, though, so I was in good shape. 5 – 3 quarts of mixed clear will be more than enough. What I mean by this is to complete your paint job with “regular” gloss clear and build your paint job up and bury it in the appropriate amount of clear, usually two to three coats with a high solids clear. Compared to other show car waxes of similar formula, for the money, P21S offers the best finish. OEM (original equipment manufacture) clear coats applied to the metal bodies of cars are normally 1K systems since they can be heated to around 140 deg C to  4 Feb 2019 A DIY car paint job could save you thousands of dollars. Too many coats and you can start to get fitment issues. look at some of the nice colors on the cars today. What exactly is candy paint? Candy paint, or sometimes Kandy paint, is a clear paint with translucent pigments in it. It consists of a base color paint and a transparent resin coating to protect it. In this article we are going to show you how to repair paint damage on a side mirror. With a high speed buffer and buffing compound, buff your cleared surface to a show quality shine! These colors can be sprayed on or the car can be wrapped with vinyl. Clear sealants can be applied to paint, glass, chrome and plastic trim. Paint does not respond well to temperatures below 22 degrees C. Usually three coats only a few minutes apart and the whole car is covered. Wait 20 - 30 minutes in between each coat. be careful to understand the difference in a cleaner wax and a pure carnuba wax The more time you spend preparing the surface of the vehicle, the easier spraying the car will be. This will build coating thickness faster and still give you a good smooth paint job. Klasse car wax products are such a critical component for maintaining beautiful, show car quality paint. enough etching primer, high build sandable, silver base, hot hues blue topped with 3-4 coats of clear (cut and buff) for the whole car and i'm looking at less the $400. 95 #284 High Gloss Jet Black Single Stage Acrylic Enamel Gallon Paint Kit $ 99. Alsa clearcoat products provide uniform high shine appearance and retain shine for many years to come. If you are wondering if you can really apply touch up paint to your vehicle, and make it look good, the answer is yes. Put two coats by maintaining a gap of 2 to 5 minutes between coats. 12 Easy Steps To Fix Clear Coat Scratches On How to Prime Your Car Before Painting. Intro. Looking to paint acrylic, glass, or a clear plastic? We’ve got some must-know tips to get you started! I have a love affair with all things see-through. The clear coat paint for cars is available in a variety of finishes: flat, matte and gloss, so you can achieve the exact look you want. Use the flat clear as an effect. When you spray paint your car yourself, you first apply a primer, then a base coat, and then a clear coat, but it can be difficult to get these coats to look even because the paint has a Before you paint, make sure to choose quality equipment and mask off the body of the car before sanding off any previous damaged clear coat. Find out where you can get the best Car Clear Coats! Picking among different existing Car Clear Coats is not always that easy. Details. I used to use a few competitive products that contain carnauba wax. So I'm good on prep. Not many people may have heard of Liquid Glass LG-100, but it has been on the market for a while – since the early 1980’s. Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish Review. With so many cars coming off the assembly line with fresh coats of deep, glossy black paint, we gathered tips from car-care experts on how to keep that luster looking as good as new. Years ago a television show had ran a Plymouth Reliant through 52 car washes. This will show if the product is achieved. Frost says his prices start at $299 for a basic job, and up to $3,000 for a premium show-car-quality finish, which includes a full wet sand and buff. Rather than have a "professional" respray my car I decided to tackle it myself. Step 1: Test and Prep Paint Surface Every painter is going to have the problem of Orange Peel in their paint and there are many factors that can contribute to this condition. But fortunately it was after we'd put two coats of Liquid Glass on, and there was zero damage to the car. Your clear coat is made up of two different parts, the clear paint and the hardener. This effect may be emphasized if your original coat of paint uses a clear top-coat and you did not apply a new top-coat to your working area. The most important thing is to apply an even coating and then leave it alone. If you’re paying a powder coating company to coat your wheels for you, you can plan on paying $250 – $520 for a base coat for rim sizes ranging from 13” to 26” and styles including standard wheels, wire wheels, knock-off wheels, and racing wheels. Code #: ZKIT-1 + Z-AIO. Another useful feature of the 845 is its exceptionally long-lasting effects. I could do an entire car by myself in 20 minutes tops. Clear seal products are very hydrophobic, so they usually do not mix with water at all. That means I need two topcoats to get maximum durability. Spraying really light coats often leads to dry spray which will show up coat after coat and are very hard to get rid of. Depending on how many coats of clear there are, 10 to 20 strokes may be needed here. shown at the Chicago Auto Show. The type of paint we spray today includes Single Stage (spray and shine) , Two Stage (flat base color with clear on top) and TriColor where a third tinted clear is used between a flat base coat and the top coat of clear that protects the paint. Some coatings use a sanding between color and multiple clear coats. You're shaking the can right? With the clear, 2-3 coats should suffice. Wet sanding, progress from 600 then 1000 then 1500 then 2000, but be careful, it only takes a few passes to cut the texture off the paint. Do not wipe after application. it is fine to sand color coat, BUT many paints are not pure color and sanding  before starting your paint project. As I mentioned earlier, one of the most expensive parts of having a car painted is the sanding and prep work. It also depends on what clear you're spraying. swrnc. Custom Paint And Body is not what it used to be. Step 1: Test and Prep Paint Surface This paint protectant was nothing more than a very thin wax that was easily rubbed on and wiped off. Paint looks like a reflection in a pool of water on black and dark blue cars. It has excellent hydrophobic qualities so you’ll definitely see water beading off your paint. Three coats should do it, but if you need to add another, just follow the same procedure as before. As long as you keep the coats LIGHT. However, this almost always results in runs or paint Review of the new Zaino AIO, some on Clear Seal My BMW is a 2001 which I will be selling this spring to buy the new E93! It has been a great car but it is tough to maintain the finish. No fuss. Should you use 1200 or 1500? It depends on how bad the paint is. The final lacquer coat will be the last you apply and even this can be applied in a couple of thin layers. Apply your final wet coats and burry the decal in clear. com - How many coats and how long should I wait between coats of the base coat and the clear coat? Although acrylic paints are the easiest to apply, they show signs of wear from UV rays and elements quite quickly. I have a gallon of 550 ready to go on my current restoration which is a 87 Volkswagen vanagon syncro. Part 1 of 2: Preparing your materials. That way if I go past my time frame I can scuff the intercoat with a red pad then shoot clear. If you plan to strip paint from the car’s bodywork, use 1,200-grit paper or sanding pads to quickly remove the clear-coat and paint. Give your car a show-worthy shine with our top picks for the Clear coat car paint is paint or resin with no pigments and hence imparts no color to the car. (not intended for matte finishes) Use on paint, chrome, wheels, and black trim; Darren's Tips: I have done many videos for my YouTube channel testing and demonstrating the endless varieties of car wax in general and black car wax specifically. Wait 2 days for paint to fully cure. Yep, clear can run from $100. , where it was sprayed a metallic maroon base coat/clear coat, and we picked up some paint tips and tricks from pro Mark Townsend. , Oklahoma City, OK "I never write testimonials, but your Nu Finish Car Polish is so exceptional that I am compelled to write. So you want to know how many coats of paint are actually used when you pay for a standard paint job from your local auto body and paint shop. How to Sand your Car’s Bodywork. Follow guidelines on your paint products for how long to wait between coats. "Apply 4 coats" 4 coats of one painters system might be 3 coats of another painters system, or it might be 5 coats of another painters system. If the wall isn't brand new, but is in very good condition and undamaged, apply up to three layers before you start your painting job. Give several coats as per requirements. Once worked with a fella whose show car had 27 coats of paint hand blocked & color sanded each 4th coat, then shot LOTS of clear. You can not sand Metalic, Kandy or Pearl base paints or you will scratch it and it will show. The art of flow coating involves application of multiple layers of a quality clear coat in multiple clearing sessions to achieve a gloss and depth unseen by other techniques. Coats of many colors start with many color coats. Most paint jobs are only three to four coats of clear, however for a show finish its important to load on more clear. The Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound Car Polish is one of the best available that provides excellent results. Advantages Like others have said, there used to be major differences (silver used to be bad, for example, because the metal flakes would oxidize), now clear coats make it much less of an issue. The clear coat works to blend in the touch up paint to perfectly match the surrounding paint. It is typically applied over a metallic base coat and allows the metal flakes to be seen through the tinted candy color layer. Let’s start with the biggest one: o THE SUN Oh, yeah, the sun. This is easier said than done. After the clear is dry, take each of the panels and hold them against the finish on the car. So save money on repairs with this effective and easy DIY way to fix clear coat scratches on your car. Before applying a clear sealant, be sure your car is clean and dry. It brings out a warmth and depth on red and yellow that I haven’t been able to duplicate. Step 5: Leave the lacquer to 'go off' before waxing ideally for 2-3 days. less—but it's better to have too much paint as opposed to too little. Most clear finishes are applied with a brush, working in the direction of the grain of the wood. Aerosol Spray Can Painting and Prep Information. Something high wear like an entertainment center or bookshelves, will get 3 - 4 coats. Urethane paints, on the other hand, seem to have indefinite lives when well-kept. 2K Clear coat 2K clear coat with very high chemical, gasoline, and weathering resistance for high-quality and longterm sealing of repair paint jobs and new paint jobs on cars and motorcycles. Anything coarser is for paint salesmen. A Complete Guide To Painting Plastic Car Parts Painting/spraying your plastic car parts is a great way to improve the appearance of your car and make it personal to you. For added durability, a third coat can be applied. HVLP air pressure of 8-10 psi and conventional pressure of 50-60 psi is essential for perfect application and finish. Don't be quick to do the job if you want it to have a professional look. How many coats of lacquer should I apply? Three or four decent coats will be sufficient. They took off a nut off the frame somewhere & took off for dirt discoloration they found. That may be 2 coats, it may be 6. A clear coat finish gives a car a glossy appearance and deepens the pigment of a vehicle's base coat. com will already include the correct amount of product needed for your project. This is to How To Apply a Car Paint Coating - Protect your vehicle’s paint for YEARS with a paint coating The last couple years have seen a lot of advancements made in surface care technology. how many coats of clear on a show car

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