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Traditionally, these were series-wound brushed DC motors, Synchronous AC motors are also occasionally used, as in the French TGV. Apply various control methods applied to traction motors. motors especially designed to operate with over excited field. Keywords: DC Series Motor, Squirrel Cage Motor, Slip Ring Induction Motor, Indian Railways, Cost saving. In case of 3-phase loco motives, full A few are used on Indian Railways. 4 -The rated power of a D. Feb 20, 2019 ABB has secured a more than $42m contract to deliver traction equipment to Indian Railways to improve operational efficiency. Traction on extension tables is used for various diseases of the spinal column. 224 for BG AC EMU rakes and in respect of traction motors for DEMU rakes the time taken. These Circular End Plates are used for Traction Motors. In addition, the  CLW started Traction Motor manufacture from 1969 with Alsthom design of MG- 1580 motors and TAO-659 motors and switched over to HS15250A, 850 HP  Q. Mostly DC series motors are used in this system. Explain Significance of D. board members of Indian Railways representing the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, finance, personnel, traffic and planning wings. diesel engine -> alternator -> rectifier (AC converted to DC & power control takes place with varying voltage & frequency) -> DC link -> inverter -> AC traction motors Power is AC circuit a complicated calculation! The Indian locomotive class WAM-4 is a very successful class of Electric locomotives used in Indian Railways. 7 The suitable traction chain i. This blog helps discussion in same. Vector illustration with front view of passenger high-speed electric locomotive WAP-5 used in Indian Railways. Driver's door on -1 end. This motor comes under the category of DC brushed motors. Traction Machine Shed, Kanpur( TMS,Kanpur) is the second major Traction Machine repair facilities on Indian Railways. 1000th MAS696 Unit (AC-AC Traction system for Diesel locomotives) dispatched to DLW, Varanasi for installation in HHP Locomotive. ) WAG-5 is the second most widely used locomotive in the Indian Railways, with a total of 1197 units built including variants. The brush grade used in T/M type 5002 AZ is Indian Railways (IR) is the state-owned railway company of India. Electric Traction Systems. Railway Board b. In India,1500V DC and 25kV AC, 50Hz is used for main line trains. From the diesel power to electric supply, from signalling to various megastructure required, it involves bright minds of mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics and communication and computer engineers to make a safe journey. 25 Oct 2013 A “Diesel Locomotive” is a self-powered railway vehicle that moves along DC Drive: Older locomotives in India with DC traction motors used  11 Jun 2018 In the new locomotive engine, the traction motor has been sealed completely are also being used to check rise in locomotive engine temperature. 4 Lts. Traction motors are used in electrically powered rail vehicles such as electric multiple units and electric locomotives, other electric vehicles such as electric milk floats, elevators, conveyors traction motors with 167mm long overhang on NDE and 135 mm long overhang on DE. Traction Motors: Review of characteristics of different types of DC and AC motors used traction and their suitability MODULE-IV (10 HOURS) Rating and heating of electric drives, power loss, Heating and cooling of motors, Classes and duty and selection of motors, Drives for specific application like steel, paper, Textile Mills In traction the pull is created by suspending weights from strings drawn over pulleys. The official history of GEC Traction suggests more Alco locomotives than those I can account for in Australia used AEI motors, so it is possible that some Indian built locomotives used AEI motors, possibly Indian built versions. indian railways · mumbai · Inian Railways engine · waterproof engine · ran  22 Sep 2017 NEW DELHI: Indian Railways has offered General Electric an option to These include manufacturing electric engines, locomotive  Mar 3, 2018 Indian Railways production unit, Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), has In case of electric there is no loss of HP and two engines are A roof and sidewalls of a decommissioned WAM4-class electric locomotive were used. 2 4. One of the major roles that RDSO has played is that of developing and … Continued Traction motor with cardan shaft propulsion Traction motor for low-floor vehicles Integrated traction motor design for low floor vehicles Traction motor application principles 5 Especially for multiple units and mass transit vehicles, traction motors are used that are connected to the gearbox via a cardan shaft. Medha, founded in 1984, is focused on rail transportation. WAG5A is the one with Alstom traction motors. They are the second of the WCAM series. A High Reliable Drive System For Electric Freight Locomotives 51 Fig. commutator in the traction motors and switchgears in the power circuit. This is because control of speed is difficult without varying the frequency and reliance on voltage to control speed gives a torque at any given speed that is not ideal. NU314. Indian Railways (IR) introduced 6000 hp (4476 kW) electric freight locomotives with asynchronous traction motors during 1990s to haul heavy freight trains (5200 tons) at steeper gradients. Dynamic Brake Hatch Assembly (WDG4/WDP4 EMD** Locomotives DU100101010 ). Indian Railways (IR) is the state-owned railway company of India. Through this agreement, Escorts marks its entry in the niche domain of rail traction system. This supplies power to six nose suspended, force ventilated, series wound DC motors connected in three series pairs. So, that’s all, folks! Currently, Indian Railways has only AC traction locomotives with 3-phase AC asynchronous traction motors (drives), in production in its electric portfolio, the WAG9, WAP5, and WAP7. More comments from Ian MacFarlane, a veteran rail fan and railway man from Australia, who is fully familiar with Indian Railways: Traction Motor Design Considerations James L. 3. It was possible to use AC motors (and some railways did, with varying success), but they have less than ideal characteristics for traction purposes. These locomotives will boost the haulage capacity of Indian Railways by around 50%, WAP5 is the name of a class of Electric Locos used by Indian Railways. No. IR draws its power from the 220 / 132 / 110 / 66 kV / 50Hz three-phase regional grids, converts it for traction power require-ment and supplies it to trains using over-head line (OHL (i) All Electric rotating machines up to 25 HP used on Electric Locomotive, EMU’s Coaches and for stationary items. 1948 March 1 - foreign-owned railway companies were nationalized in Argentina during the first term of President Peron. Annually, approximately 30 billion units of electricity is consumed by Indian Railways, out of which 10. -motored locomotive reduces beyond the field weakening range. These motors are used in Indian railways. Considerable experience has since been gained in the operation and maintenance of electric traction assets. India. AC-AC Traction System For HHP Locomotives . for railways, trams, trolleys Electric traction motors are widely being used across several geographies particularly for the routes with dense traffic such as the suburban and urban railways or the long-distance high-speed Precibalance - Indian maker of dynamic balancing machines for turbos and traction motors Progress Rail Services - Locomotive and railcar repair services throughout North America, and supplier of reconditioned parts to all Class I railroads, shortline railroads, car builders, and private car owners Traction refers to the usage of a pulling force and special devices, such as a cast or splint, to treat muscle and skeletal disorders. 6. They are Industry Sector: Rail Transport. The test will run on electrical drive type for checking the drive from Bogie Traction Motors to Wheels. It involves utilization of electric power for traction systems i. com. electric traction supply system in indian railways ppt, induction motor drives for electric vehicles ppt, power supply for electric traction drives abstract, power supply for electric traction drives advanced, power supply for electric traction drives, abstract on traction used in electric drives, modern trends of electric drives in electric This is the Portal of Indian Railways, developed with an objective to enable a single window access to information and services being provided by the various Indian Railways entities. Mahapatra, M. The train, built by Integral Coach Factory (ICF) of Chennai to promote Make in India, is capable of running at a speed of 160 km per hour. Indian Railways has a goal to electrify its rail network by 2020. In this case the radial loads The most essential requirement for track circuiting is the use of wooden sleepers. On mainline locomotives, WAP-1, WAP-4, WAM-4, WAg-5/6/7 and WCAM-1/2/3 all use DC series motor as their traction motors. by types of traction Year Passenger Freight Three Phase Induction Motor as Traction Motor By Mahesh Kumar Jain on May 12, 2013 Right from the introduction of electric traction, there was a strong desire to use Three phases Induction Motor for Traction application. 12 MWh energy per day is generated by using regenerative braking in Indian Railways. Similarly, the requirement of Traction Motors overhaul for Indian Railways is about 600 per annum. Abstract- Indian Railways contributed in large measure to the socio economic and overall Electric traction which was first Electric Traction Supply System on Indian Railways abstract Introduction Indian Railways is the largest government institutional costumer and purchaser from various Electricity boards and other Electric Supply Authorities. For trolley buses and tramways, DC compound motors are used where regenerative braking is required. 3d. For traction purposes mostly 3-Phase Induction motors and d. EIG c. At present Indian Railways consumes about 43. C. The map used to trace out circuits and locate trouble on diesel-electric locomotives is called a schematic diagram. Other Electric traction was introduced on Indian Railways on 1. 2 Rectifier-DC Link Circuit of one Bogie (Two Axles) Fig. Indian Railway Ac Traction Manual Pdf >>>CLICK HERE<<< A traction motor is an electric motor used for propulsion of a vehicle, ABB has won an Alstom order to supply around 1600 compact and reliable traction transformers for 800 new electric freight locomotives in India. The first member of the class was indigenously designed and built by CLW in 1970-71. NH 300 EM/C4. Like the electric locomotive in Indian Railways, it has electric drive, in the form of traction motors driving the axles and controlled with electronics. It was decided that the traction motors, bogies and chassis of the older diesel engine would be Abstract: Indian Railways operates 12000 trains everyday and half of them are hauled by the diesel locomotives. "Heavy rainfall had marooned 25 rakes on tracks in last September as water on tracks had entered traction motors of the locomotive engines," he said. E(MPP)/2009/3/16 New Delhi, dated 15 -01-2010. Kirtley Jr. d) Installing a static condenser (Capacitor Bank) which is the very common method for improving the power factor. 2. 0029 Gears and pinions for traction motors 0030 Gears and pinions for other operations 0032 Components involving machining only 0034 Heavy plate work 0035 Heavy fabrication work special to rolling stock 0036 Fabricated components welded and rivetted 0038 Punching and press work 0039 Re-rolling rounds and flats etc. Naga Dilip4, V. 11/2009. Study on Bogie and Suspension System of an Electric Locomotive (Wap-4) S. Our Offerings : The company offers a broad range of electrical insulating compounds - The four traction motors are permanantly connected in two series-parallel connection with the provision of isolating upto two traction motors in case of a fault. There are currently two types of locomotives being used over Indian Railways, the four stroke American Locomotive Company locomotives (ALCO) and the two stroke General Motors Electro Motive Division locomotives. The 1. The Indian Railways has indigenously designed and manufactured a highspeed locomotive achieving a top speed of 180 kmph, which will help in improving the efficiency of high-speed trains like Rajdhani in the country, the government said on Tuesday. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1 Introduction This is a concept paper in response to the FOA entitled ‘Rare Earth Alternatives in Critical Technologies Indian Railways is constantly striving to give quality inputs towards Electric Locomotive Manufacturing and Maintenance. The transformers will Disclaimer: This website has NO affiliation with the Government-run site of Indian Railways. ABB India wins INR 134 crore traction equipment order for Indian Railways. Rectifiers supply DC current to a catenary or third rail. This power pack drives the locomotive, which is finally used to drive trains over railway tracks. 6 Lts. 01 MWh per day for electric traction operations, out of which only 2. However, as work progressed several modifications were necessitated. They were redesigned specifically for use on the WAP4 by RDSO. What type of motor used in express train in Indian railway? Indian Railways and its officials chose a locomotive that was due for a mid-life rehabilitation. By 1970 they had a prototype diesel-electric locomotive that used AC Traction Motors and the unit was presented at the 1971 Hannover Exhibition as "the first operational locomotive with modern three-phase drive technology in the world" [3]. This activity is presently being outsourced. Siemens is supplying high power traction converters, motors, drive systems and steel tank transformer, which will be part of the propulsion equipment for 9000HP freight and passenger locomotives. be used as a ready reckoner by Rolling Stock Engineers in selecting appropriate system for Indian Railways 1. In other words force needed to start a train from stationary position is starting resistance and force As far as I understand, of the Sri Lankan Diesel Electrics, the Class M2 locos were all originally equipped with dynamic brakes but my recent research indicate that these are no longer functional on some except on the Class M2c locomotives (No’s 626 “Montreal” and 627 “Vancouver”) specially built for the Up Country line. 5 lts. At present 28 per cent of Route kilometres on Indian Railways are electrified. Arduous operating duties such as frequent wheel spinning and stalling have led to breakage of rotor bars within three years of service. The original traction motors were supplied by M. Status on Indian Railways. ABB holds a complete and flexible traction motor and generator portfolio that allows us to build the perfect solution for train operators – regardless of train type, power range or geographical location. is called electrical traction. gpmacademics. WDS 5 (Some of these locomotives are used for industrial shunting. 1. I've read & heard about electric traction in Indian railways, I'm bit confused that every where it is mentioned that Indian railway works with 1 phase 25 kv, but we have electricity generation of 3 phase then what&#39;s need to use 1 phase motors. The "A. We offer quality Traction Motor Components to our customers. More than 2000 traction motors are running in indian railways, driving the most complex railway network in the world. The new locomotives will expand Indian Railways’ capacity, easing congestion on busy routes for both freight and passenger services. NU 330. ABB background information | Powering the world’s high-speed rail networks 3 Traction transformers ABB has been manufacturing traction transformers for over 100 years. driving (tractive) force is obtained from electric motors (called as traction motors). Alok Kumar Gupta, who is appointed as Joint Managing Director of your Company from 15th March, 2013. CSO Q. New Delhi, Dec 21 (PTI) ABB India said today that it has bagged Rs 134 crore traction equipment order from the Indian Railways. e transformer, Power converters, Traction motors, shall be designed and should match the technical requirements mentioned in this specification. traction synonyms, traction pronunciation, traction translation, English dictionary definition of traction. Electric characteristics: Since Indian Railways have decided to adopt 25kv, 50 Hz supply system. Indian Railways have employed the following brake systems for its rolling stock : Earlier most of our rolling stock are fitted with AVB ( Automatic Vacuum Brake ). Railways carry a social obligation of over ₹200 billion (US$3. bogies and traction motors used in the diesel locomotive. Kiran2, M. More than half of the world’s locomotives and trainsets are powered by ABB transformers, and the vast majority of the world’s train manufacturers and rail operators rely on Indian Electrical Motors Limited1 As part of a corporate level thrust, Indian Electrical Motors Limited (IEML) is expanding its manufacturing activities in greenfield sites in Central India. , for railways, trams, trolleys etc. They may be further sub- changed by the Zonal railways with the approval of a. "All these rakes were full of water due to which they were put out of service. While running of locomotive the motor is subjected to various lateral and longitudinal stresses due to which the joints between the flexi coils of the main poles and the inter-poles gets loosen or even get breaks. 134 crore to supply state-of-the-art traction equipment for electric locomotives. Ring Induction Motor for Indian Railways which is switching over to fully electrified routes. Trains Dynamics Train Resistance - The resistance offered by a train to move from stop is called Starting Train Resistance. 03 The limit imposed due to bar-to-bar voltage for DC commutator motor is no more relevant with squirrel cage induction motors. 5kV DC overhead system (negative earth, positive catenary) is used  May 2, 2014 An “Electric Locomotive” is a railway vehicle that can move along rails from the outside source to power traction motors which turn the wheels. This causes the open circuiting of the coils and thus makes the motor damaged. Indian Railways uses a mix of electric and diesel traction. . The track electrification refers to the type of source supply system that is used while powering the electric locomotive systems. Keeping with the Railways' mission of 100 per cent electrification and de-carbonisation, Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), Varanasi, has converted a diesel locomotive to run on electric traction at almost twice the power, an official said on Thursday. 02 No restriction on speed of motor in absence of commutators, AC traction motors can easily operate at 4000 rpm in contrast to 2500 rpm in case of DC machines. Due to absence of commutator, its peripheral speed puts no limit on speed of motor. 12 synonyms for traction: grip, resistance, friction, adhesion, purchase, draft, drag, draw, haul motors and the traction motor drive coupled to each wheel; BG shall mean 1676 mm broad gauge used in IR; BOXN shall mean the air braked open wagon used by IR; C&M 1 volume 1 shall mean Civil and Mechanical Engineering Report Number 1 Volume 1, issued by RDSO; Indian Railways Schedule Of Dimensions Electric Multiple Unit trains include motor cars, which have traction motors, and trailer cars, which do not have traction motors. OUR LOCOS MOVE THE NATION IR purchased 4000 HP WDG-4 and WDP-4 locomotives from General Motors, USA in 1995 and 1996. During the 1930's the Indian State Railways were looking at testing diesel locomotives for possible use on some of their longer distance routes which ran through areas with little or no BASIC NOTES ON ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES: Two types of power systems are used in OHE systems of Indian Railways electrified sections for operations, they are 1. c series motors are used and both have high starting torque, prevailing requirement for the Ac Traction Manual Indian Railway Pdf It was possible to use AC motors (and some railways did, with varying success), but The Indian Traction Power uses a 25kV autotransformer system to achieve. Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) (also known as diesel railcars) operate regularly in all Australian mainland states. Email me indiwindy@gmail. 3b. Antonyms for traction. AC traction motors can thus be driven with a great degree of control over a wide range of speed and torque. 35 crore per Annum. 24. 8. (b) electric traction systems They involve the use of electric energy at some stage or the other. MU operation was possible with 3 units. Medha’s Electronic Interlocking system (MEI 633) has successfully been commissioned in 200 stations in Indian Railways and are in working continuously. Railways use a Traction Power System for supply of power to the electrical locomotive. The Bogie Traction Motor Run test facility centre is indigenously developed and it is one of its kind in the country which will help in improving the metro train ride quality and increases the reliability of coaches. The Mumbai region is the last bastion of 1500V DC electrified lines on Indian Railways. A pair of In some of the sections on Indian railways dedicated microwave channel at carrier frequency of 18 GHz has been provided for the purpose of Communication. In the year 1957, Indian Railways decided to adopt 25 kV 50 Hz ac traction railways towards three phase induction motor based drives for traction due to the . Shunt motor. Indian Railways Thread (Dec 2015) WAP-3 was an experimental loco based on WAP-1, with DC traction motors, so the thyristor was used to create pulse width The oldest electric locomotive shed (ELS) in India, based in Kalyan, Mumbai, has finally received its first 25kV AC passenger locomotive, decades after 25kV AC traction became the standard on IR. Series Motor for traction duty, Study of Traction Motor used in A. The resistance offered by it to keep it moving at a specified speed is known as Rolling Train Resistance. The Dynamic Brake Hatch assembly is mounted in the long hood frame of the EMD Locomotives manufactured by Indian Railways, which consists of a eight grid resistor boxes, two blowers powered by two direct current series motors, cable assemblies and other accessories. This loco at NRM is complete with traction motors and collapsible ladder near Asstt. 4 billion units are used for electric traction purpose. The Product can also be used on metro rail coaches. e. From the . Electric traction motors are widely being used across several geographies particularly for the routes with dense traffic such as the suburban and urban railways or the long distance high speed lines that require electric traction to obtain the speeds required for inter-city travel. Later IR introduced 3000 Volt DC and subsequently in 1957 decided to adopt 25 kv . 12. In the year 1957, IR decided to take on 25 kV and 50 Hz AC traction based on French Railway (SNCF) technology. Most Indian diesel locomotives have six traction motors, one for each axle except the WDP4 with only four traction motors for six axles. N. 22 The type of refrigerant used in LHB type of AC coaches is a. The main drawback of DC series motor is high maintenance due to brushes and commutators. Details: There are 3 main stages in the power circuit of a 3-phase AC loco. Large electric motors for Railway traction are proposed to be manufactured at a location near Indore. V. equipped with both type of braking system. Which motor is used in electric locomotives in India? I am not very sure about the traction motors used in mumbai suburban trains but they will be one of  12 May 2013 Status on Indian Railways. Indian Railway is still not adopting this technology, Instead of this capacitor bank is used in Indian railways which compensate 3rd harmonic, reactive power and maintain power factor. My trip, my learning experience, my understanding of the Locomotives, my easy access to all the workshops, and my innumerable questions being answered and explained to, has all been possible because of the kind help and encouragement of Mr Brijesh Kumar, AEE, HWH Loco Shed, Howrah. The locomotive’s traction motors are mounted on the trucks. The illustration above features several commonly used forms of traction. Mayya, Vinod Deodhar, Vivek Sanadhya, U. Out of total RKM 19000 RKM is electrified which carries 60% of total freight as well as passenger traffic across India. CG is pioneer in indian railway rolling stock business and offers the most comprehensive rail vehicle portfolio in india. “The Indian Railways need about 100 Traction Alternators motors in a year and most of these are being imported at present. It is owned and operated by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways. The experimental upgrade was carried out on locomotive number 24517 homed at Jhansi shed. 5 billion) in the passenger segment for the year ending March 2014. Great Indian Peninsula Railway came into being during the period of important economic and sociopolitical changes. It produced direct current which was used to provide power for DC traction motors. 3c. 1 The AC Traction motor used in the existing HHP locomotives is a four-pole three-phase asynchronous induction motor. The loco uses a pantograph, a metal structure which can be raised or lowered, to make contact with the overhead contact cable and draw electricity from it to power its motors. com UTILIZATION OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY Electric Traction-I G. Many of these machines are still in regular use. The trains of Gatimaan Express and Bhopal Shatabdi use this type machine and they are moving at a speed of 150 km/h. France adopted AC traction in railways after WORLD AW R II which resulted in its huge surge. Indian Railways (IR) is the world’s third largest railroad network under a single administration. by Tanvi Patel March 5, 2018, 6:21 pm WDS 6 (Heavy-haul shunters made in large numbers for industrial concerns as well as for Indian Railways. none of the above Q. Indian Railways Makes History, Converts Diesel Loco Into Electric In Two Months Using Indigenous Tech . Due to the shortage of wooden sleepers on Indian Railways, an attempt is being made to progressively use a device known as an axle counter, which can be used as a substitute for track circuiting to detect the presence or absence of a vehicle on a track. Three phase induction/asynchronous motor started with introduction of power controller with GTO/IGBT power devices. absence of brush-gear/ commutator in the traction motors and switchgears in the power circuit. WAG5P(x) is a passenger dedicated class. Italian railways were the first in the world to introduce electric traction for the entire length of a main line rather than just a short stretch. The locomotive was produced until about 1997. c) Taking care while ordering for new induction motors to ensure that they will not work too lightly loaded while in service. Traction motors, bogies and chassis were retained from the older diesel version. 53. 3 A. The story of advent and evolution of Railways on Indian soil too has its roots in the history of the emergence of modern Indian nation. For over five decades,Microtex has been a technological leader in the development of high performance Industrial lead acid batteries, especially for Indian Railways. Electric traction is an environmental friendly, pollution-free and energy efficient alternative to fossil fuels. They are in operational in routed around Mumbai. The main requirements of electric motors used for traction work. Rated at 1200/1350 HP) The Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) in Varanasi, India, is a production unit owned by Indian Railways, which manufactures diesel locomotives and spare parts. TRACTION ROLLING STOCK : THREE PHASE TECHNOLOGY Page 6 3. Of late, Indian Railways have introduced GM locomotives with state of the art AC-AC locomotives. Founded in 1961, the DLW rolled out its first locomotive three Indian Railways manufactures high-speed locomotive touching top-speed of 180 kmph. Indian Railways is cash strapped and reported a loss of ₹300 billion (US$4. It can be AC or DC or a composite supply. Q. Additionally, electric motors in other products (such as the main motor in a washing machine) are described as traction motors. Audit revealed that The provisions prescribed in various codes and manuals. Lal ,Senior Executive Director Standards Ganesh, Director Standards Electrical Directorate, Research Design and Standards Organisation, Lucknow ABSTRACT Indian Railways (IR) has been the life line of Indian Economy and in last one decade it Greener rail for India 25 India’s early electrification projects used DC, but since the 1950s, all new projects have used single-phase 25 kV / 50 Hz. The contractor should submit their design to RDSO/CLW during the design approval stage. This signaled the beginning of the end for the DC Traction Motor. The 25 KV supply is further stepped down and rectified and fed to the Traction Motors. Traction motors and generators Every train needs a unique motor or generator for its purpose. 3 Romanian Railways Company which has two-axle bogies and is connected in parallel asynchronous traction motors to one ----- Effective Service Life of the "Traction Motor 6 FRA 6068"used in WAG9 and WAP7 class of locomotives of IR-----No where it is specifically mentioned that what is the "Service Life" of an Electric Locomotive after which the Locomotive needs to be scrapped. Production units of Indian Railways A. "Indian Railways has created history by first-ever The first GE manufactured diesel locomotive No 49001 for Indian Railways, shipped from the US, landed in the country on 11 October 2017 and was put to extensive trials. This site does NOT claim 100% accuracy of fast-changing Rail Information. The system which use electrical power for traction system i. INTRODUCTION: INTRODUCTION Electricity is used to eliminate smoke and take advantage of the high efficiency of electric motors; however, the cost of railway electrification means that usually only heavily-used lines can be electrified. ? 3- phase . WCAM-2 is a class of locomotives used in the Indian Railways system. To create counterpull in traction of the lower limbs, the foot end of the bed is raised; in traction involving the head and using straps, the head end is raised. Srivastava Control Instrumentation Division Genesis of the Project Indian Railways have a large variety of AC locomotives in their fleet. Indian Railways had, until very recently, a monopoly on the country’s rail transport. It was the first microprocessor based system on the Indian Locomotives. series motors are used and both have Indian Railways (reporting mark IR) is an Indian state-owned enterprise, owned and operated by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways. Traction Manual" containing procedures and practices to be followed uniformly throughout Indian Railways, was published for the first time in 1972. traction motors. Research and Development RDSO is the sole R&D organisation of Indian Railways(IR) and functions as the technical advisor to Railway Board, Zonal Railways and Production Units. Traction motors are used in electrically powered rail vehicles (electric multiple units) and other electric vehicles including electric milk floats, elevators, roller coasters, conveyors, and trolleybuses, as well as vehicles with electrical transmission systems (Diesel Traction Motors: INTRODUCTION CLW started Traction Motor manufacture from 1969 with Alsthom design of MG-1580 motors and TAO-659 motors and switched over to HS15250A, 850 HP Traction Motors for which technology was received from Hitachi, Japan. DC Series Motor widely used and about 80% motors in use are this motor; Separately excited DC series motor on Thyristor base WAG6A, B&C class of locomotive 18 in nos. “ABB India has won an order worth Rs 134 crore to supply state-of Chairman's Message. The 15 kV, 50 Hz 345 kW (460 hp), 48 tonne locomotives used transformers and rotary converters to power DC traction motors. 1 Production units of Indian Railways are catering the need of Loco and Coach requirements of IR over the years (Requirement during XII five year plan is given in Annexure-I of Part-A). compensate harmonics, NSC and reactive power. the power for electric locomotives can come from clean and/or renewable sources , including geothermalpower , hydroelectric power , nuclear power , solar power Which motors are used in electric traction? Electrical Traction means the system that uses electrical power for traction system i. Naveen1, C. The WAP4 is also the last electric locomotive class to use DC traction motors. First station was commissioned in year 2011. The focus is on Define traction. Udasi said these rakes were required to be repaired or replaced on war footing to keep Mumbai's lifeline running. AC traction motors are also used on diesel-electrics nowadays. It is used to treat fractures, dislocations, and long-duration muscle spasms, and to prevent or correct deformities. The General Managers (All Indian Railways including Production Units) With this basic understanding of the loco numbering system adopted on the Indian Railways, the readers will now be able to distinguish and recognize each type of loco separately, and perhaps, make their friends and relatives too more aware of the interesting intricacies of the Indian Railways, while continuing to enjoy their rail travel. Rated at 1065 hp) WDS 6 (Heavy-haul shunters made in large numbers for industrial concerns as well as for Indian Railways Rated at 1200/1350 hp) WDS 8 (Only five of these were made, and all were transferred to steel works 800 hp) Traction Motor Essay Sample. ABB India wins Rs 134 crore traction equipment order from railways The company will deliver traction converters, stand-alone auxiliary converters and vehicle control units for 64 electric locomotives which will be used for passenger and freight operations. Optical Fiber Cable ; Optical fiber cable has also been introduced for communication in some section of Indian railways, which is also used for Remote Control equipment. The 1500V DC overhead system is used around Mumbai. 5 KV DC line and the first electric train ran (a distance of 9. I. Synonyms for traction in Free Thesaurus. for railways, trams, trolleys, etc. Future Developments Depends on which Locomotive/Mumbai suburban trains you see. c. Usually traction motors are provided at both ends of the rake. motors as traction motors. It consists of 8 car rakes (Two motor car and six Trailer cars ). The institutional training for electrical supervisors would be shifted from Centralised Electrical Training Institute, Thakurli to Indian Railway Institute of Electrical Engineering, Nasik in due course. YOU are responsible for independently confirming the validity of information through other sources. maintenance DC generator is replaced by a Traction Alternator and rectifier in latter generation locomotives. Broad gauge (5 ft 6 inches) locomotives used in India Diesel traction CG is pioneer in indian railway rolling stock business and offers the most comprehensive rail vehicle portfolio in india. General Manager d. Introduction Even almost after half a century of AC traction on Indian Railways, endless debate starts on type of mounting arrangement and rotational speed of traction motors whenever a decision on The WAP4 uses DC traction motors (Hitachi HS15250 (630kW (840hp), 750V, 900A). So, in locomotives often a 3 phase AC traction motors system is used. It reviews the progress of projects and determines the amount of direct funding. New Delhi, Dec 21: ABB India won an order worth Rs. It is one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world, transporting just over six billion passengers and almost 750 million tonnes of freight annually. C. It was an innovative technology in Strip Chart Recording using a microprocessor, developed as a substitute for the Secheron, Switzerland made mechanical Speed Recorder used by the Indian Railways at that time. Also, RDSO with BHEL, the OEM, worked on power drive of the locomotive and zeroed on WAG7 class electrics (the 5,000 hp work horse of Indian Railways) to work with the existing traction motors. Diesel genetator of 750 HP produces electricity which is fed to the traction motors of the power car and also in the trailer car having traction motor. Inaugural Train at . Why AC motors not DC motors used in electric traction? Ans : There is no  Q. 1 UNIT 6 Electric Traction-I The propulsion of a vehicle either in streets or in railway systems is called traction. Technological upgradation has also been continuously taking place. Compare different traction motors. 2 Brief History of Railway Electrification in Indian Railways. Indian Railways had, until very recently, a monopoly on the country's rail transport. 1. EDITORIAL USE 1948 January 1 - British Railways was formed by the nationalization of the assets of the 'Big Four' railway companies (GWR, LMS, LNER and SR). Introduction Indian Railways one of the profit making Railway in the World and its Workhorses are the Diesel-Electric and Electric Locomotives. 29 Oct 2011 (c) Traction motors used in it have very high starting torqe. weebly. The share of traffic in terms of Train Kms. DC Series Motor widely used and about 80% motors in use are this motor; Separately excited DC series motor on Thyristor base Maximum Power Rating of Traction Motor in Indian Conditions. I could not check presence of instruments in driving cabs, though. maximum tested speed 160kmph,but in operation restricted to 120kmph. Power control in AC motors is bit complicated. The details and sequence of the training programme and The Revised Training Modules for Electrical Department is given below. It is a forced ventilated machine arranged for axle mounting on sleeve bearing. DC Series Motors as Traction Motors: Study of Characteristics, Armature Reaction and Commutation Improvements for commutation and suitability of D. Consequently reliability of a 3-phase locomotive is higher. It is the world’s second largest railway passenger transport organization, carrying 7 billion passengers annually. What is the speed potential of the DMU? Presently, the DEMUs on Indian Railways run at a top speed of 100 kmph (about 60 mph). Top 12. The share of traffic in terms increasing traffic demands, these locos are required to be used in multiple unit from OHE to 3-phase AC which drives the traction motor. The Wdak first 10 locos were imported from ABB (now Bombardier) in Switzerland in 1995. INDIA: Minister of Railways Shri Mallikarjun Kharge visited the Diesel Locomotive Works at Varanasi on November 6 to formally flag off the prototype WDG4D locomotive Vijay, which Indian Railways says is the first twin-cab diesel-electric freight locomotive it has built. REGENERATION IN ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES WITH DC TRACTION MOTORS : A STRATEGIC DOMAIN R. The WDP4 & WDG4 are examples of this. Train 18: Get ready for a world-class experience on Indian Railways trains! Come September, Indian Railways will roll out its latest technological innovation - a train that will not only beat the WAP - 4 is a common electric locomotive used in India. They use the same motors as WCAM 1 but with different circuitry and gearing. Operating ratio, a key metric used by Indian railways to gauge financial health, is 109% for the period April – Dec in 2016. Manufacturer of Diesel Locomotive - Traction Converter Information, Governor, Auxiliary Inverter Motors and MRT 918 offered by Medha Servo Drives (P) Limited, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. A new aerodynamic design of DEMU introduced in 2004 on the SCR. AC motors could provide variable speed with change in frequency. VARANASI: The Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), a production unit of Indian Railways in Varanasi, has made a history by converting the diesel loco into electric loco with indigenous technology under The traction motors used are similar to the industrial 3-phase induction motors with modification in winding to meet the torque requirements. electric traction – part – 01 - brief history of indian railways, important terms and mechanism of train movement BRIEF HISTORY OF INDIAN RAILWAYS There were Indian merchants, both in Calcutta and Bombay who took an interest in founding of the railways. /s Siemens having model no: 1TB2622OTA02/ OTB02 and Traction Indian Railways uses a mix of electric and diesel traction. (Usually it goes first through a transformer and not directly to the motors. 0 billion "5" denotes that this locomotive is chronologically the fifth electric locomotive model used by the railways for passenger service. Due to variable speed requirement, all AC locos of railways used to run on DC motors till 1960s. 5KV DC supply and 25KV AC supply, the latter being more widely used than the former and DC traction all set to be phased out soon, with WR turning totally AC now. 23. The simulation was carried out for 10 seconds of Simulation Time modern trends in electric traction traction system in ppt, electric traction supply system on indian railways, electric traction in indian railways explanation, project report on indian railways in signaling, centre for indian railways information system ppt, electric traction supply system on indian railways abstract of seminar, ppt for power FOR DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, SUPPLY, TESTING, COMMISSIONING, TRAINING AND TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY FOR IGBT BASED TRACTION CONVERTER AND 3 X 130 KVA AUXILIARY CONVERTER EQUIPMENT FOR 6000 HP ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES OF INDIAN RAILWAYS 1. Prabhu Das3, P. Indian Railways is really a masterpiece of engineering. Description Due to high currents and performance guarantees, DC traction feeder transformers are normally closely integrated with (a) non-electric traction systems They do not involve the use of electrical energy at any stage. of EEE @ SVCE TPT. Total numbers of carbon brushes used in BKBL/Grid blower motors are. 6 Diesel Multiple Units in Australia. Electric currents create magnetic fields to which DMW is a state-of-the-art Production Unit of the Indian Railways having integrated facilities to manufacture, upgrade & rehabilitate Locomotives and extend maintenance support to the Diesel Locomotive fleet of Indian Railways by providing high precision components and sub assemblies. loco of 3700 hp with speed potential of 105-110 kmph used in India. The water temperature is controlled by means of radiator banks and AC motor driven cooling fans. 1 Features of traction motors. and GTKMs for passenger and freight services hauled under different traction types over the years is given in the following tables: Percentage of train kms. The governing council identifies and approves R&D projects for Indian Railways. The inverter for this system is a standard inverter for which the East In older locomotives, the alternator was a DC machine, called a generator. In electric freight locomotives a system of axle-hung traction motors is used that features very simple gearing and that increases the action of the wheel pairs on the track. Traction motors are used in electrically powered rail vehicles such as electric multiple units and electric locomotives Requirements of an Ideal Traction System All these characteristics make it an ideal traction motor. India's much-awaited indigenously manufactured semi high-speed train, code-named Train 18, is expected to be rolled out in September. II. Last ICF Rajdhani goes into pages of History. diesel-electric locomotive in indian railway contain six dc traction motors at once. The locomotive was developed after a previous class WAP-1 was found inadequate to haul the longer, heavier express trains (24-26 coaches) that were becoming the mainstay of the Indian Railways network. This move aims to reduce greenhouse emissions and the dependence on fossil-fuel based automotive power. The Company is one of the Major authorized purveyors for broad range of insulating items to Indian Railways. P. These traction equipment are manufactured by Chittaranjan Indian Railways operates 12000 trains everyday and half of them are hauled by the diesel locomotives. Prathibha Bharathi5 1,2,3,4 Students of Mechanical Engg, MRCE, Hyderabad 5Associate Prof. Brushless DC Motors. 16 (a)Who is designated EIG on Indian Railways? What is his role? (b) A tube light to traction motors in a conventional DC traction motor in an electric loco. ABB has supplied traction equipment to CLW for several years and is a major supplier of traction systems for rolling stock manufacturers around the world. The propulsion system adopted in these The year 1881 saw the birth of the first electric Railway run by a GermanEngineer Werner Van Siemens using both the rails to carry the current. In this traction system, electrical motors are operates on DC supply to produce necessary movement of the vehicle. Explain working of various A. WAG5B is a converted WAM4. Description of Traction motor: 2. Indian Railways engines have 16 cylinders in V configuration (V16) except for some of the lower powered ones including the WDM2 with only 12 cylinders and the WDG5 which has a V20 engine! MICROPROCESSOR-BASED TRACTION CONTROL SYSTEM FOR 25 kV AC LOCOMOTIVES Y. 06 traction motors and The Indian locomotive class WAM-4 is a very successful class of Electric locomotives used in Indian Railways. Rated at 1065hpWDS 6 Heavy-haul shunters made in large numbers for industrial concerns as well as for Indian Railways Rated at 1200/1350hpWDS 8 Only five of these were made, and all were transferred to steel works 800hpNote: There is no electric shunting engine in India. ABB India wins INR 134 crore traction Diesel Locomotive Works : Embracing innovative Traction Technologies DLW is one of the leading manufacturers of Diesel electric locomotives in the world. Such a traction system is used in steam locomotives, IC engines, and in the maglev trains The 3rd (conductor rail) and 4th rail systems operate at low voltages  Suitable for Indian Railways 3100HP WDG3A and WDM3A and 3300HP These are used to drive the DC Blower Motor that cools the resistors used for. K. 12 (ii) All Electric rotating machines above 25 HP and up to 750 HP used on Electric Locomotive, EMU’s Coaches and for stationary items. S. The content in this Portal is the result of a collaborative effort of various Indian Railways Entities and Departments Maintained by CRIS, Ministry of Railways Indian Railways is constantly striving to give quality inputs towards Electric Locomotive Manufacturing and Maintenance. Three Phase Induction Motors are robust & require little maintenance. 3f. The return current flows through the loco wheels to the Rails and form the Rails to the earthed terminal of the traction transformer thus completing the single phase electric circuit. com)-- Traction motors are electric motors consisting of stator, (stationary electrical part) surrounded by field coils which are connected by rotor or armature in a sequential form and basically used for driving the machinery. 5 KV DC and the first electric train ran between INTRODUCTION Traction motor refers to an electric motor providing the primary rotational torque of a machine, usually for conversion into linear motion (traction). Trials were held on 17 th January 2019, according to sources. 3e. The trucks have spring suspension, a brake lever gear, and traction drive. Radiator Cooling Fan motors used in existing 4000 HP EMD Locomotives manufactured by Indian Railways, are of inverted squirrel cage, dual speed, single winding, 3-phase induction machines and are an integral part of the cooling fan assembly. 2 M/s BT in their report of shock and vibration measurement, carried out on WAG9 locomotive has clearly indicated that they have designed WAG9 traction motor for much lower shock and vibration level based on the experience of Korean Railways. R 134a d. Objective: Guidelines for repair/rehabilitation of AC traction motors. Air Brakes - Twin- pipe system of air brakes have been used in Mail/Express/Passenger trains and single- pipe system in our freight trains. of Mechanical Engg, MRCE, Hyderabad I. In modern DEMUs, such as the Bombardier Voyager family, each car is entirely self-contained and has My trip, my learning experience, my understanding of the Electric Multiple Units, my easy access to all the workshops, and my innumerable questions being answered and explained to, has all been possible because of the kind help and encouragement of Mr C. Top WDM3D is a 3300 horse power co-co loco,basically a enhanced version of most used class of present time indian railways WDM3A. View attachment 293736 Indian Railways on 13 February 2016, upgraded its last Integral Coach Factory (ICF) make Rajdhani Express, New Delhi Bilaspur Rajdhani (12441 / 12442) to LHB Rake. The motor car is typically also the power car, which has a pantograph to receive electrical power to propel the train, but in some cases the trailer car is the power car. They use the same motors as WCAM 1 but with different circuitry and gearing. Established in 1973 , with the objective of rewinding of MG-1580 & MG-710 traction motors and auxiliary machines , used in WAG4 and WAM1 class of electric locomotives, respectively. These compounds are found in Traction Motors, Alternators, Transformers, Switchgears, Circuit Boards and many more. 1 Nov 2018 Indian Railways is really a masterpiece of engineering. The first AC traction in railway was introduced in Switzerland in 1899. The product has large scale application on Electric Locomotives, Diesel-Electric Locomotives, Diesel Electrical Multiple Units (DEMU) and Electric Multiple Units (EMU) of Indian Railways. There are currently two types of locomotives being used over Indian Railways, the four stroke Rail Wheel Factory (RWF) is a manufacturing unit of Indian Railways, producing wheels, axles and wheel sets of railroad wagons, coaches and locomotives for the use of Indian Railways and overseas customers is situated at Yelahanka, Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. A few are used on Indian Railways. F1 Cylindrical roller bearings for traction motors to DIN 43283 M1 Solid brass cage, with riveted crosspieces, guided by rolling elements TVP, TVP2 Solid window cage made from polyamide Other designs and sizes available by agreement All bearing arrangements are also current-insulated FAG bearing types and designs for traction motors The Bogie Traction Motor Run test facility centre is indigenously developed and it is one of its kind in the country which will help in improving the metro train ride quality and increases the reliability of coaches. 12 (iii) Traction Motor 18 (iv) Traction Converters 18 (v) Auxiliary Converters 18 In some of the sections on Indian railways dedicated microwave channel at carrier frequency of 18 GHz has been provided for the purpose of Communication. Examples are : steam engine drive used in railways and internal-combustion-engine drive used for road transport. What are the voltages used for electric traction in India? Voltages used are . With dynamic braking, the locomotive's wheels are used to drive the traction motors. 5 Ohm’s Law transformers DC traction feeder transformers Application DC traction feeder transformers are used to feed rectifiers from normal three-phase AC networks. IR has traditionally used THE GREAT INDIAN RAILWAYS Life line of India… INDIAN RAILWAYS (reporting mark IR) is a state-owned railway company, responsible for rail transport in India. Power Electronics Technologies for Railway Traction Systems 307 The East Japan Railway Company is developing a next-generation rolling stock control system for the experimental Series 209 [the multi-purpose experimental train (MUE-Train)]. RAILWAY TRACTION SYSTEM OF INDIAN RAILWAYS 5. Gearbox oil capacity of Traction Alternator type 10106 AZ (In WDP1 loco) is. 5. 1 Lts. Large scale induction of diesel locomotives in Indian Railways started with the acquisition of 100 units of 1950 hp diesel locomotives from American Locomotive Company (ALCO), USA in 1958-59. Electric traction was introduced on Indian Railways in year 1925 on1. Due to various constraints – both economical and technologinual and technological; manual metal arc welding was the predominant method of welding on Indian Railways. In most of the earlier locos, the traction motors driving the axles are DC motors. This energy is wholly used for meeting traction requirements and at present is not utilized for meeting coach production unit of Indian Railways. is possible to put 4 traction motors in series and get only 750 volts on each motor. Each one the Pantographs are used to collect a specific type of current only. Explain different types of electric braking system. I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Railway electric traction describes the various types of locomotive and multiple units that are used on electrification systems around the world. The bearing used in rotor of Traction Alternator type 10106 AZ is. procurement in the Indian Railways. R 12 b. Advent of Electric Traction in IR dates back to 1925 when the Electric train services introduced between Bombay VT and Kurla Harbour on 1500 Volt DC. To keep abreast with the latest In partnership with the Ministry of Railways, Government of India, funded by Global Environment Facility, the project supports efforts to improve energy efficiency in the Indian Railways, which accounts for roughly 2. It is also the world’s fourth largest railway freight transport organization, A few are used on Indian Railways. Dear Shareholders, I am happy to present the Annual Report for the year 2012-13. Electric traction is meant for locomotion in which the driving (tractive) force is obtained from electric motors (called as traction motors). The next development was the replacement of the generator by the alternator but still using DC traction motors. Singh and G. Indian Railways have been used steam locomotive to high power electric Motors Electro-Motive Division and used for passenger trains by Indian Railways. Dosto es video me bataya gya hai ki indian railway dc traction se ac traction kyo change ki janane k liye video ko pura dekhiye achha lage to like kijiye share kijiye. Professor, Dept. Multi-voltage electric traction converter from CAF Power & Automation for or inductive filters for DC catenaries, and traction motors, which are developed in line the electric traction converter for locomotives. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) has been entrusted by Indian Railways for design, Earlier this year, a locomotive was successfully converted from diesel to electric traction by Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) in Varanasi. We are the leading manufacture all kinds of traction motors, alternators and related control equipments. 1 was simulated using MATLAB Simulink software. NH 330. F22 c. DMU vehicles with traction motors are referred to as power cars, while those without traction motors are referred to as trailer cars. They are supposed to be a variant of the Lok 2000. Rated at 1065hp) WDS 6 (Heavy-haul shunters made in large numbers for industrial concerns as well as for Indian Railways Rated at 1200/1350hp) WDS 8 (Only five of these were made, and all were transferred to steel works 800hp) Indian Railways (IR) has successfully trialled a WAG-7 class locomotive fitted with regenerative braking. There might be some limited technical information in the operator and maintenance manuals for NSW and SAR locomotives. 3 Inverters fed Traction Motors of one Bogie (Two Axles) The circuit that has been proposed in the Fig. N JHA, Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer, Howrah, EMU. Since inception, Medha has used Research and Development as a tool for success and today we are proud to be known for our product range, domain knowledge, design expertise, quality and manufacturing capabilities. Transverse movement is limited by the flanges of axle suspension bearing. Indian Railways Engine-less train: 160 kmph Train 18 to be out in June, Train 20 in 2020 Instead of being pulled by a locomotive, they are powered by traction motors fitted underneath each coach to render them self-propelled. It has been producing diesel electric locomotives with variety of designs and technical configurations to suit traffic needs of Indian Railways and other non-railway Medha at a Glance. Introduction Indian Railways has a total state monopoly on India‘s rail transport. It is similar to DC motors with Permanent Magnets. TRACTION MOTOR(1) Description: The traction motor is a four pole DC series motor in which field winding is connected in series with armature. Optical Fiber Cable. The generated current is then fed to electric traction motors on the wheels or bogies in the same way as a conventional diesel electric locomotive. It is one of the world's largest railway networks comprising 115,000 km (71,000 mi) of track over a route of 65,000 km (40,000 mi) and 7,500 stations. series motor over D. Finding this a little too dangerous, Siemens soon adopted the overheadelectric wires. Direct-drive induction motor for railway traction applications. P. The reformist movements had greatly influenced the railway working at that time. Government of India Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) RBE No. Indian Railways plans to convert all diesel locomotives during mid-life rehabilitation into electric locomotives. 2 5. Purushotham,Asst. Indian Railways WAG 9. Who functions as Electrical Inspector to Government of India in Indian Railways? (a) Chief Electrical Loco Engineer Welding, prior to the fifties, was only used as a method of repairs on Indian Railways. Engine is homed at Ghaziabad loco shed. Optical fiber cable has also been introduced for communication in some section of Indian railways, which is also used for Remote Control equipment. Indian Railway Locomotive Engine Traction Motor, Motor working under testing Diesel Engine restart EMD WDG4/WDP4 Locomotive Start UP Full process Ultimate Indian Railways A traction motor is an electric motor used for propulsion of a vehicle, such as Locomotives or electric roadway vehicle. WAG5H(x) is with Hitachi traction motors. These two locomotives are also featured on the 'Argentina' page, where their complete history is covered - the entry here only relates to their time in Ceylon. In the following the term catenary is loosely used even when talking about the contact wire. DuPont™ Nomex® insulation paper used in the transformers of electric locomotives of Indian Railways rolling stock locomotive transformers and traction motors. Fixing higher powered traction motors has allowed WAP4s to reach top speeds as much as the WAP7. HS15250A Traction Motor production started in 1988-89. Locomotives WAP4 & WAG5/7 Maintenance, repairs, overhaul of Traction motors of Conventional Locomotives. 3-Induction motors are very robust. AC traction motors can easily operate at 4000 RPM in contrast to DC motors which normally operate at speeds of 2400 RPM. 5 miles) between Bombay's Victoria Terminus and Kurla along the Harbor Line of CR, on February 3, 1925. Railways Scripts History, Uses Indigenous Tech to Convert Loco From Diesel to Electric! This project was implemented on a railway engine which was due for its mid-life rehabilitation. 5 percent of the total electricity consumption in India. Air Brakes are also used on the locomotive. traction motors used in indian railways

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